Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Did you know..........redundancy makes you fat!

No, I haven't been made redundant, but I stand by the title of this post!

The company I work for is going through a staff reduction programme, where about 9% of the staff are losing their jobs. It's a sad, hard time for most of them, but even so, they tend to be generous to a fault.

They buy cakes. Lots of cakes. And sausage rolls. And feed them to us as a farewell gift.

It's not so bad when one person leaves to take up a new career, but there are so many leavers every day at the moment, those of us who are staying are getting decidedly podgy.

I don't know who ever started the tradition of buying cakes when you leave, or when you have a birthday, or a new baby etc., but it always seems to be a bit incongruous to me. Surely we should buy them the cakes as a token of our respect and sorrow at their leaving, or pleasure at their good news.

However, so be it. I will stay here, and do my work.........

And get fat..............

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