Saturday, 8 March 2014

Art Deco - worth it?

Every now and then, a trend comes along which shocks the world, and makes us rethink our ideas of fashion - for example, the mini skirt in the '60s. Such an idea was Art Deco.
After the fussiness of the Victorian and Art Nouveau periods, and the rusticity of the Arts and Crafts movement, the clean simple lines of Art Deco came as a surprise to an awful lot of people.
The designers of the period used modern materials, such as chromium steel and Bakelite, the first true plastic. Pieces made from Bakelite were often junked later as being tacky and the materials not worth anything - but they didn't look at the wonderful shapes and designs.

Sadly, in the post-war era, people didn't realise what they had, and important buildings were wilfully demolished to make way for concrete structures with no form or style.
The A40 Great West Road in London is a prime example of this. At one time, it was lined with elegant Art Deco factories, now, sadly, all gone, with the exception of the wonderful Hoover Building, now thankfully preserved.

Much the same as Clarice Cliff's striking Bizarre range of pottery. I bet a lot of folk are cursing now that they threw out their grandmother's hideous teapot!
Well, I love Art Deco. Always have done. And I own several pieces of Art Deco jewellery, that I have either inherited or bought. I've also got several pieces of Art Deco jewellery that are damaged beyond repair, and mostly made from relatively cheap materials, which I can never bring myself to throw away. So I've decided to incorporate those items that I can recover into my own range of jewellery (for sale in my Etsy shop)
This is the first - just two glass beads from an otherwise completely destroyed necklace were recoverable, and so they've been turned into classy earrings. Just a little bit of Art Deco preserved in my own way

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