Friday, 23 May 2014

Spontaneous storage

No, it's not storage that bursts into flames, or storage that just pops out of nowhere.......
It's actually a sign of how my life (and craft room) are organised.

Now, I am generally well-organised. All my tools are held in neat racks. My hundreds (and I'm not joking!) of embroidery threads are neatly wound onto plastic bobbins, labelled with their type and colour, and stored into neat plastic storage drawers. My beads are sorted into containers by size and colour, and this organisation extends to stock control. I am sufficiently well-organised to be able to re-purchase items I am getting low on before I run out of them.

But, I do have a big problem. When I'm out and about, and I come within 100 yards of a craft shop, something strange happens. It's as though a huge magnet drags me off my motorcycle and in through the door of said shop. And the same magnetic force will not permit me to leave until I have bought something.

I'm sorry, but I'm a spontaneous buyer. I see something I like and it's 'Ooooh, must have one of those. I might find a use for it one day'

So, I buy it and when I get home, I have to decide where to put it. My craft room is a mass of boxes and plastic containers, and of course, I don't have one specifically labelled for the item I've just bought. Now, this is where the problems start..........

Let's say I've just bought a red star. I look at my storage, and there's nothing labelled 'red stars'. So I pick a box say in pile A and in goes the star. I then promptly forget I've got it.

So a few weeks pass, and I'm out and about, and the scenario above repeats itself. Except when I get home, I put the new red star in a box in pile D.

A couple of months go by, and I get an idea that calls for a blue butterfly. Now, I vaguely recall having bought a blue butterfly some time ago, and I start to search for it. Whilst searching for the blue butterfly, I find the first red star, and I think 'hang on. Didn't I buy one of these a few weeks ago?'. Now I start searching for the second red star, and in doing so, I find the blue butterfly AND the second red star.

I put the second red star in the same box as the first red star, and carry on making what I wanted to do with the blue butterfly.

A few weeks go by and in a craft shop, somewhere, sometime, I see a pretty red star that I simply MUST have, and so it goes home with me and into an empty box in pile G and the whole process starts over..........

About once a year I empty EVERYTHING out of my craft room, and sort it logically..........but it doesn't last.............

The moral of this story is, you can be either organised or spontaneous, but not both :(

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