Monday, 6 July 2015

Ah! They don't write them like they used to...........

How often have you heard that (generally from an older generation)? I think I may have been guilty of such comments myself from time to time.
Yeah, they used to write wonderful songs. They also wrote a lot of dross. (A wop bop a loo bop a wop boom bang)
And poetry...........I'm a huge fan of Lord Byron, and I must admit to not really understanding this current trend for Japanese Haiku. I mean, it doesn't rhyme or even scan, so how is it poetry?
But just once in a while, there comes a song, or a poem that simply takes my breath away. It can even be a song where the lyrics are true poetry.
And then......................
Watching the TV, or rather listening to it while my husband watches it, comes this advert. A quiet voice singing a song that appears to have wonderful lyrics.
So I investigate, and I'm right. It's a band called 'Sleeping At Last', who I've never heard of, and I doubt that this song is representative of their general output, but the song is beautiful. It's moving. It's lyrical, and it's true poetry. Add to that, a simple uncluttered melody, and you have something that will stay with me always:

now read, and listen...............

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