Monday, 19 April 2010

Blood Red

Sitting on the riverbank, dreaming, was something she really enjoyed doing. Especially as now, with the sun setting in a blood red sky, and the soft, warm breeze making the slightest of ripples in the dark waters.The river seemed full of roses, deep, blood red roses.
'Why all those roses?' she thought
'Do you not know?' whispered The Voice

The sighing breeze gently stirred the surface of the sluggish river, and she could see a black hearse, pulled by four black horses, the coffin covered in those same blood red roses.
'Has someone died?' she questioned wordlessly
'Do you not know?' again the whispering voice.

The sun was setting fast, and when the breeze came this time, it felt a little chill. She pulled her cardigan tighter around her shoulders, and stood up, brushing the grass from her skirt.'Time for home' she thought .......

She sat at her dressing table, idly brushing her red hair, and wondering if dinner with his boss was going to be as boring as he said it would be. Still, he said he would drive, so at least she could have a glass or two of wine, red if she was lucky.
'I bought a new shirt for tonight'
He came into the bedroom, holding up a new, blood red shirt..................................

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