Monday, 26 April 2010


My favourite past-time, when I can't ride the bikes, is any sort of craftwork. I make all my own greetings cards, some presents, and basically, do anything anyone asks me to do. I embroider, crochet, make lace, paint - you name it. The one thing I can't do, however, is knit. Mum tried to teach me, but found it too difficult, because I suffer from being extremely left-handed - almost to the exclusion of using my right hand - or 'sinister', as the ancient Romans would have it!

If I haven't got anything better to do, I 'paint' needle portraits of my friends on their bikes..........

This is New Zealander, Adam Donovan racing in the Isle of Man TT

This one was still in progress when the picture was taken - Dennis Hobbs, BSB Privateer at Mallory Park...............

.....and friend Matt, putting his 900 Hornet around Snetterton

Each one takes me about 4 months of hard labour to complete, averaging about 70,000 stitches per picture. I've done more than this, but for obvious reasons, not many!

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