Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Done, and still to do.......

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?

I posted that, and posed the question, on an earlier blog.

I've done a lot with my short span on this earth, but I've wanted to do oh so much more. Somehow, life has conspired against me.
It's not just a lack of money, or time, although both have had their effect. Sometimes it's been a lack of somebody to share it with me. Although my husband and I do have a lot in common, and do enjoy a lot of things together, sometimes our tastes are wildly convergant.

I envy my son - he, being single, and loving travel, spends a lot of time visiting places that I would love to see.
He knows this, and always brings me back a memento, often in the form of a book, so that I can enjoy those places through him.

So, what would I like to do?
Watch an opera at the Baths Of Caracalla in Rome
Watch the sun set over Ayers Rock
Ride Route 66 from one end to the other

With retirement looming, maybe I'll get the chance to fulfil at least one of those ambitions.

Mind you, it's not always necessary to spend large amounts of money to achieve maximum satisfaction.

There have been moments I will always treasure, that have cost next-to-nothing to achieve, and others that have been totally unexpected.

Like having to camp over night unexpectedly halfway down the Rhine Valley because my travelling companion had trouble with the lights on his 1947 Vincent, and being treated to the surprise of a wonderful fireworks display taking place at the Stolzenfels Castle across the river. What could have been a very boring evening, thus transformed into a wonderful memory.

I'm a great one for sitting somewhere, and just looking at the scenery in front of me. Where I grew up, there was an escarpment nearby, with views over Romney Marsh, and out to sea. Imagine sitting there one warm evening, and as the light begins to fade, seeing a magnificent tall ship sailing quietly through the English Channel.............
And sitting up on the ruins of Tintagel Castle, listening to Arthur Bax' 'Tintagel' tone poem on my iPod, and looking out over the rocky coastline, and deep blue sea..........................

Sometimes it takes very little to please me.............

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