Monday, 7 February 2011


Been busy, me. Been learning to make jewellery. Not very good at it yet, but I will get better. Well, it'll keep me out of mischief!
Here's a few tentative first steps:
a Pandora-style bracelet, made to represent my bike club, the 'Hornets Nest'. It features a silver-plated motorcycle, two little enamelled silver hornets, and Murano glass beads striped in yellow and black, all on a black leather thong with silver clasp

Bridal necklace. This actually looks better in the flesh. The chain is silver, and the pearls are tinted in the palest pink blue and green, with iridescent clear droplets

Another Pandora-style bracelet, this time on a silver chain, with a variety of pink Murano glass beads and gems, and a dangling pink dragonfly

'Night Sky' - various shaped beads in a dark dusky blue-grey on silver wire

'Spring Equinox' various glass beads in different shades of green, again on a silver wire

I'm not yet bothering to sell anything, but hey, if something takes your fancy, make me a sensible offer.....................

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