Sunday, 8 April 2012

Book Review - The Last Templar - Raymond Khoury

"It has served us well, this myth of Christ" - Pope Leo X, 16th. century

Yeah, right. (yawn) so yet another sect discovers a lost treasure that, if revealed, will destroy Christianity and the world as we know it.

Ever since Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln hypothesised in the true meaning of the Holy Grail in the book 'The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail' (a book which is well worth persevering with), there have been numerous novels written based around the myths and some facts relating to the subject.

Probably the most famous one is 'The DaVinci Code', with contains numerous historical and logistical discrepancies, but which, nevertheless, is quite an entertaining read.

This book is similar in theme, but this time it is the Knights Templar who hold A Great Secret that will destroy civilization. Although a fast moving novel with quite a spirited narrative style, the content of the book is dross. There are questions to which no logical answers are given, and the author obviously has a great knowledge of small arms, but do we really want to know that 'he pulled out his Betamax R-311xyz and loosed off three rounds, where just 'he pulled out his gun and fired' would serve equally, if not probably better?

LOL for some reason, every time I picture the hero, F.B.I. Agent Sean Reilly, I get a picture in my mind of British actor Phil Davis - he of Quadraphenia and Whitechapel fame. I can just imagine him playing the part!

Give this one a miss

Rating: 1/5 cos I like the red cross on the cover

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