Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A - Z of Music - E

Seems like this is the only post I currently have time to do. I really must catch up with all the other thoughts in my overcrowded brain.......

But, how are you doing? Found anything new that you like yet?

However, the letter E:

Obvious choice for the composer this week - Sir Edward Elgar. Most people consider him the greatest English composer ever, but personally, I prefer Vaughan-Williams.
But Elgar was indeed, truly great.
Appointed 'Master Of The King's Musick' in 1924, he is probably best known for the Enigma Variations and the Pomp And Circumstance marches, which include the melody for 'Land Of Hope And Glory' - considered by many to be the English National Anthem.
Why England doesn't have an official anthem beats me. After all, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all have theirs.

But I've gone for one of his more delicate works. This is the exquisite 'Chanson De Matin' Love this video, which sets the music to the paintings of J.M.W. Turner.

Now, the non-classical bit............

A bit spoilt for choice this week, as I like everything from the Everly Brothers to Eminem. However, I finally settled on one of the greatest folk-rock bands of all time, who have endured for decades - the incomparable Eagles.
Having decided on Don Henley and his band of (sometimes) Merry Men, I'm now spoilt for choice as to which number to play.......

Finally settled for this:

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