Monday, 27 February 2012

An A-Z of Music

It has occurred to me that, despite it being a huge part of my life, I've hardly mentioned music in this blog 'o mine. Time to put matters right, I think!

I love music - everything from ancient motets to rap, and encompassing everything in between. So, weekly, I'll take a letter of the alphabet and mention one classical composer, and one non-classical act. We shall start this goodly enterprise next week, and I hope to introduce you to some things you've never heard before, as well as reminding you of some old favourites.

But to kick it all off, I thought this week, I'd mention a couple of names that have pinged on my eardrums recently, up-and-coming stars, if you like.

Let me introduce you first to Heads.Hearts. This all-girl threesome came to my attention because the drummer, Abby, is the daughter of an old friend. They're rapidly beginning to make a name for themselves, and if you like the funkier stuff of groups like Florence And The Machine etc., I reckon you'll enjoy these.

Next, Rizzle Kicks. I caught these lads on TV the other night by accident, and I was transfixed. Seldom have I seen such energy in a stage performance. They truly are mesmerising:

So, there's your tasters for today. Next week, we start with 'A'...................

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