Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Addition to the garage

This is Honda's all new NC700X cross-over bike.
We've got one coming on 1st. March, to replace Dick's ageing NTV700 Deauville.
The best thing about it will be the fuel consumption - it promises anything up to 80mpg!
Well, we shall see...................watch this space...............

It will join the LittleInsect, the CBF1000FA and the VFR800X XRunner, and, although similar in style to the latter, promises a totally different riding experience.

And, while we're in the mood for bike stuff, this is the latest addition to my PunkyRider jewellery collection:

This is the 'Nuts In Spring' bracelet. And you thought nuts only came in the Autumn? LOL you were wrong! The bracelet is actually a concept based on incongruous elements in the English language i.e. nuts and Spring - both words having two completely different meanings. It features green wire springs, hexagonal nuts (of the motorcycle type) and carved nuts (of the fruit type) from Africa, and is finished with a cute antique copper cruiser
If you're interested in purchasing it, or any of my other pieces, then follow the link to my Folksy shop

Advert over.............


  1. Sue,

    Which will be the touring and which will be the day bike of the 700's. What mileage did Dick g et to on the latest Deau as I recall he has not had it that long ( in my terms that is)


  2. He'd had it for 3 years Nev! Can't recall the mileage, but it was probably around 40k miles. The NC700 is his daily transport, replacing the Deauville. He's currently getting around 83mpg out of it! Nice cheap work transport........
    The VFR800X CrossRunner is his 'toy'. That's the one he'll be touring Ireland and Scotland on this year